About Erin

My third delivery for this momMy Statistics:

My name is Erin Reynoso. I have been primary midwife for 141 births as of 7/12/14 and have been present and assisting for 230 births altogether. I am a Texas Licensed Midwife and NARM Certified Professional Midwife.

My Practice:
Currently I see clients in my home for prenatal visits and postpartum care however I come to my clients for the birth and the first postpartum.

I serve clients in Bryan, College Station, Hearne, Madisonville, Caldwell, Bremond, Centerville, Normangee, Hempstead, Kosse and various surrounding areas in Brazos County, Robertson County, Limestone County, Leon County, Madison County, Grimes County, Montgomery County, Falls County, & Milam County.

I will travel up to 60 miles from Bryan, Texas to care for a client without additional fees. I live in the southernmost part of Robertson County, about 15 miles outside of Bryan. I also offer ultrasounds.

Complications I have encountered include:

* Placental abruption
* Deep Transverse Arrest
* Shoulder dystocia
* Frank Breech
* Hemorrhage
* Twins

All complications were resolved well. I have not encountered infant or maternal mortality as a health care provider.

My History:
I began to study midwifery in the spring of 1999 and began assisting with births in October of ’99. I apprenticed with a Brenham midwife for 18 months, and then in the summer of 2002 I went to El Paso, TX to Casa De Nacimiento birth center for a three-month internship. There I completed the clinical requirements for a Texas Midwife License, learning from five different Texas licensed midwives. I completed my academic requirements in the fall of 2003 by passing the North American Registry of Midwives exam. I became a Licensed Midwife in November of 2003 and began my practice in the fall of 2005.